Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day one down . . .

Well one day of clean eating is done and it wasn't bad at all. The lentil soup was delightful! I toasted some of my favorite gluten free bread which also happens to be dairy free and free of refined sugars. I'm not sure that fits exactly with clean eating but I needed some carbs at that point! I was not sure how the morning was going to go this morning because I love (and I mean LOVE) my corn grits with real butter and plenty of salt. I sucked it up and added maybe a little extra (read: heaps) salt and they were just fine. I could actually taste the grits : )

I am also very much looking forward to working out again today! I have taken a few days post IM off but now it's time to get back in the water for a nice easy swim. I'll be swimming with my dear husband today, so I am guessing a lot of my swim time will be spent looking at his swim stroke to try and improve it. I can't help it, it's what I do - every single time I swim laps I watch people's swim stroke and critique them in my head. A few times I have had to fight the strong urge to stop strangers and correct a inefficient stroke. Today's swim:
500 warm up easy
8 x 100 drills - 25 swim, 25 drill: side kick, scull, breathe on weak side, breathing pyramid - repeat
5 x 100 Easy, build, easy, hard :05 rest
500 cool down back, breast & free

Short and easy, no paddle work for another week - next week I'l pick weight training back up too!


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