Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Here are 10 reasons why you should register for the Inaugural New River Valley Triathlon:
1. It is the ONLY pool swim tri in the VA Triathlon Series west on Lynchburg
2. The Vally Corporate Relay Challenge gives bragging rights for a WHOLE YEAR!!
3. The event is run (and timed) by SetUp Events - a first class high quality race production company (oh yeah, I might kinda work for them, but even so, they are a top class company!)
4. Just LOOK at this beautiful, flat, grassy transition area!!
5. A beautiful run along the New River on a path through Bisset Park.
6. Much of the bike route either has a designated bike lane or wide shoulder. Good to excellent road surface.
7. The race benefits the Mental Health Association of the New River Valley, Inc..
8. The distances are just right for a beginner to get their feet wet, AND for an experienced triathlete to really open it up and see what they are made of!!
9. Radford is a beautiful area to visit with lots to do, go for a race, stay for a weekend!!
10. My personal favorite: Anne Giles Clelland, the most enthusiastic, wonderful and creative race director around!!


Kate said...

please come stay with us then! maybe we'll make this our summer of family relays since rob and I have pledged to focus on one race only next year: mtns of misery for him and chesapeake bay for me. I swam 3,000 yards this week, all before 6:45 am!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post, Kati! Thank you so much for the inspiring words for both new and experienced triathletes, and for your lovely words about the NRV Tri. I'm touched and grateful.

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