Friday, December 11, 2009

My traitor family . . .

We are a summer sport family. We bike, we frolic in the waves (yes, I said frolic), we swim, some of us even attempt to surf. In the winter we move said outdoor activities indoors. We bike on the trainer, we swim in the cool bubble pool and we don lots and lots of cold weather gear and run outside.

Now my family has gone all snowy on me. One little snow here in the valley and moving closer to the ski slopes (however small and fake snow blown they are) and everyone is all gaga over skiing. Last year for Christmas the kids got swim bags, new goggles, cool shammie towels . . . you know, mini me gifts. This year it's all about ski and snowboard lessons, ski goggles, snow pants.

I don't ski. It seems perfectly rational to me to NOT get on two slippery little sticks wearing stiff boots and go out on even slippier snow straight down a hill. Where are my little breaks to grasp onto to appease my inner control freak? Plus four little words . . . SNOW DOWN YOUR PANTS!!

Now I have to figure out how to still hang out with the family without actually skiing. AND how to deal with this cold and snowier climate (yes, it's only 2 hours north of where we were, but darn it, it is colder and snowier!!) while still actually getting outside to run.

I have decided I will not give into the peer pressure of the family to ski. Instead I will indulge my coffee goddess and take wonderful ski and snowboard pictures while sipping warm coffee in the lodge. SO, added to my Christmas list will be a really nice and really large TO GO coffee mug and a good pair of trail running shoes. I tried to run in the snow without trail running shoes the other day - not such a good thing) I am going with the Saucony Pro Grid Exodus or Grid Canyon. I'll give a full review after Santa drops them down the chimney!!


Diane said...

Hello... we don't sip COFFEE in the lodge. We sip 'other' beverages. That being said, I might attempt a trip down the beginner slope this year... it's only been, oh, about 20 years since I've done it. I'll let you know how it goes. And if I get SNOW DOWN MY PANTS, I will definitely want one of those 'other' beverages!

SFKaty said...

I totally agree. Seems like a lot of effort and gear to freeze your butt off. And I am only several hours from Tahoe!

Kelly said...

I've been eyeing those too...Can't wait to read your review.

Kate said...

one word: SNOWSHOE. It's awesome! We used to snowshoe all the time in the winter at the Snoqualmie Pass in WA. Go on the trails while the others ski. I don't like skiing either--same issue. call me if you want a partner!

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