Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Superhero

My friend Diane (I feel like I should give her a good name since in her blog I am named Ironwoman, I'll work on that for you Diane!!) and I are leading a running group for 5th grade girls. This isn't just your average track group!! We have 25 fifth grade girls - and they are WONDERFUL!! We are using a program called GoGirlGo , which is a program of the Women's Sports Foundation. We have adapted it a little to make it work for our girls but the basic premise is that we meet with the girls twice a week for 12 weeks and talk about all that icky girl stuff they are starting to have to deal with. At the end of the twelve weeks they will all run the Generations Crossing 5k AND be better equipped to deal with all that girl gunk.
I am the coach type, I know lots of great running games, all the info on how to run correctly, how to build endurance etc. Diane is the wonderfully creative one that comes up with great journal ling activities for the girls. Here latest activity gave me my blog idea! The girls assignment was to create their own super hero. (we were talking about bullying) Here's mine:
Ironwoman (what else?!)
Mission statement: To bring strength and confidence to other girls & women.
Powers: She is able to spread feelings of joy from person to person. She is also able to share her super strength with others in small helpings. She can run super fast, is super strong and can breathe under water.
Weakness: Irongirl can easily get sick so she has to weigh the benefits of being around others and touching other people at the risk of getting ill herself.
Sidekick: Irongirl works on many different teams and often teams up with other super heros to do good deeds.
So, who is your superhero?!


Diane said...

Fabulous!!! Ironwoman is definitely super and definitely one of my heroes, that's for sure! :)

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