Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Seriously Coors?

I have to preface this post with the disclaimer that as a celiac I can't drink beer so maybe this new 'invention' is a really great thing and I just don't appreciate it. I doubt it.
I was driving E. to school this morning, we didn't walk to school because - hello - I melt in the rain, when I hear a new Coors commercial on the radio. There is a man who is very distressed that he doesn't know if his beer is cold. The announcer comes on to reassure him that if he is drinking Coors he will be fine because the mountains on the can turn blue when your Coors is "as cold as the Rockys". I hate to ask the obvious question, but can't you feel when your beer is cold? I wonder how much Coors spent on developing the color changing can? I wonder if your can of Coors now costs a few cents more because the fancy mountains on the can change colors?
Then the crazy liberal wanna save the world in me wonders what would happen if Coors took that color changing money and gave it to somebody that is trying to cure cancer. I am sure the Livestrong Foundation could find good use for that money. Heck, I am guessing the local food bank could put that money to good use. Do you think people would stop drinking Coors because their can doesn't turn blue when they take it out of the fridge?


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