Sunday, October 25, 2009

Race Report - Race to Beat Breast Cancer

I am such a huge fan of writing race reports. It gives you a chane to reflect on what you did right, what went wrong, and hopefully will help you do better next time. Vicky and I walked down to the rec center about a half hour before the race. There were a few survivor testimonials before we headed outside to line up. About 10 min. before the race start the rain started.
Mistake #1 - my zensah compression skirt does NOT do well in the rain - it apparently stretches A LOT and becomes very heavy
The course is 2 5k loops - other racers were doing 5k and you couldn't tell who was doing what, so as I'm trying to keep up with people we reach the second loop and they turn off- leaving me with another loop to do! On the first loop while it was raining sideways (wind + rain = sideways rain) my shins and calves were really tight. I think the wet roads (plus wet leaves) and lack of traction was making me use my feet and calves more than usual.
I pretty much split almost every mile at exactly 8:08 - I would have liked to be about 10 sec. faster per mile, but I guess that gives me something to work to next time!!
Mistake #2 - It ws COLD afterwords because we were soaked to the bone! Sitting around wating for awards in wet clothes was brrrrrrr. - next year bring dry clothes if it's raining!!
All in all overall time was around 50:20 & place was 1st in A.g. (30 - 39)


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