Thursday, October 22, 2009

Public Service Announcement #1

O-k, so I've been know to get on a soap box or two so today we'll call it a Public Service Announcement because that sounds less bossy. Yesterday I went out for a nice bike ride by myself in the country. I have been suffering (and I mean suffering) from Poison Oak over the last two weeks which seems to have been re-invigorated by an allergic reaction to shrimp on Sunday night. Yes, I am a medical freak - lets move on.
I'm riding up a lovely hill that I ride regularly when I become short of breath. Then light headed, then really short of breath. You know that horrible I'm gonna pass out feeling? I had it. I quickly pulled over and crawled off my bike to the side of the road. My first thought was - I don't have my Road ID on. I got my phone out as quickly as possible and called Paul. Thankfully I didn't pass out and laying down on the grass for a few minuites got things under control. Paul came to pick me up and although I felt crappy for the rest of the day I was relativly o-k.
Here comes the PSA. Even though I had my cell phone had I passed out in the road it would have done me no good. With my Road ID if I was out cold Paul's number would have been the first thing whoever found me would have seen.
So, my PSA is simple - take ID with you, whether you are out walking or biking or running. A cyclist was hit and killed in our area a short time ago with no ID. For days the news was reporting about his bike, his wedding ring, his jersey. What a horrible way for a family member to find out about an accident.


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