Sunday, January 3, 2010

Helping "the girls" out

The two things that I think are worth spending the extra money on: jog bras and running shoes. I'd even wear - gasp - cotton, in order to devote my $$ to those two things!

One question that has been asked by 95% (no really, that many) of the females that I train is "Which jog bra do you use?" I have been through them all, from the double up, to the underwire, to the lock 'em down uni-boob variety. My hands down favorite that I have been wearing for the last 4 or 5 years is the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. I have yet to recommend it to someone that didn't love it too.

Let me also interject that I am not sponsored by Moving Comfort, although I do have their bumper sticker on my car:A fit Mom is a powerful Mom.

So, is the $40 price tag worth it? Yep. However, if you are web savy and like to buy lots of stuff like I do you can find it cheaper! Why pay more? I order my bras from Actively Yours for $26. Shipping on 4 bras was $8. If you really have to have white it is $34. I don't have to have white and would rather save the money, nobody really sees my bras - I'm not the run in a jog bra only kinda gal, so who cares what color they are!


Megan said...

I like the Champion seamless bras but I don't have much bussom to support (A cup). TMI? Whatevs.

Kendra said...

I second Fiona! Can't believe I hadn't seen your blog before - I'm an iron celiac too!

Maura said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!

I agree... Moving Comfort makes the BEST bras! No, I did not name my daughter after a bra. I've never tried the Fiona bra because I wouldn't fill it out. But still, I don't like to feel any movement whatsoever when I run. MC is the only bra for me!

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