Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's gonna be a GREAT day!

To Frazz
Ten Reasons why TODAY is going to be a great day:
1. I feel MUCH better. My sinuses don't feel like they are going to explode any more - hurray!
2. I got up feeling ready for my am workout today!
3. I was able to meet all my wattage goals for my a.m. cycle. That's the hardest I've worked in a while on the bike and it felt great.
4. Day 2 of new haircut is always a dicey day. Yesterday my husband came home and said "Wow, so that's the new haircut huh?" (I thought about punching him, but used restraint), today he got home from his cycle study and said "Now today your hair looks great, I do like the new cut!" The stylist always straightens my hair, he hates my hair straightened. Anyway, regardless - I was actually able to style a new cut and that's a GOOD thing.
5. Lunch time swim scheduled. I love swimming.
6. Paul is off work all day - I love Paul. ; )
7. I leave for Costa Rica in 5 days - my bags are almost all the way packed and I am ready to go!!!!
8. I get to go for my yearly physical today. (yeah, that's not really a great hurray, but I'm trying to think positively so I included it.)
9. The kids got ready for school on time with no whining and no yelling. Miracles do happen.
10. Last night one of fabulous and wonderful JMU kids offered to hang out with the kids while Paul and I have a date night. WHAT - FREE childcare? How can you beat that!
Hope you all have a great day too!!!!


Diane said...

That sounds like a perfect day to me! :)

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