Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, I'm a little late on the whole "New Years" thing, but we have had a house full of cousins so I have been off enjoying them instead of blogging! Cousins are all returned home to their rightful parents and my children are plugged into some XBOX game so I have a moment of peace . . . ahhhhh!

Onto 2010 . . . A few years ago I had a delightful personal training client that did some work with life coaching. She was big on writing out statements of intention. That was the year of my first Ironman and she wrote a wonderful statement of intention for the IM for Paul and I. It went like this . . .
I see myself & Paul easily & effortlessly completing the Ironman in our perfect time. I see us relaxed, having fun & remembering every second of the experience. This or something better now manifest in our life & so it is!! I didn't set time goals, I didn't set expectations, I simply wrote out my intentions for the race and don't you know - it worked out just like the statement. The next IM I did was full of expectations, time goals and ultimately . . . disappointment. So, lesson learned. Not that I think that time goals are unreasonable, I just think that I work best with a broader intention. BTW, I came in the EXACT same time (down to the minute) for both Ironmans, but the first one was MUCH more enjoyable!

Which brings me to 2010. I have decided rather than goals, resolutions and lists I will give myself a statement of intention for the year and live it. Here goes:
I see myself living purposefully and simply in 2010. I see myself racing with purpose and heart, and training regularly with joy. This or something better now manifest in my life & so it is!

So there it is. The year will be about joy, simplicity and purpose. Now, off to enjoy a trainer ride since it's 18 degrees outside and windy! Brrrr!!


Diane said...

I do this, too! I like your statement of intention... I might have to adjust mine a little :)

Kelly said...

I love the idea of intent rather than is so much easier to get your head around, and, ultimately, so much more rewarding. Happy New year!!

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