Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Paul and I have committed to waking up early to get our workouts in. So far we have decided on am trainer rides on M & W, but we needed something to do on T & Th until this cold has passed and we can actually get outside to run. I found the IronYoga book at the Green Valley Book Fair for $3 so I thought we would give it a try. It combines yoga poses, breathing and light weight strength exercises.

Let me begin by saying I love yoga. I don't do it nearly as often as I would like, but in general I *wish* I found time for it daily. So, this week Paul and I will be trying out the IronYoga book on Tues. and Thurs. Here's my opinion:
-The book without the DVD is really not ideal. I had to stop every other pose to turn the pages. I went on ebay and ordered a new, sealed copy of the DVD for $8.99, including shipping. It will be much easier to follow once the DVD arrives.

-The light weights (3lb) got heavy quickly! The sequence the book uses is one breath for each contraction, (you do 2 - 3 contractions per move) then you hold the move in a static contraction for an extra breath. Doing overhead presses in a deep lunge - ouch!

-Until our (read-Paul's) flexibility improves it will be hard to get through the workout without lots of giggling. Seriously, the groaning and moaning going on is HI-larious! There are some modifications suggested, but not enough for Mr. UN-flexibility. He struggled to get through a lot of the basic poses, making it hard for him to focus on the contractions. I think that shows that he really does need to be putting in the time for this and flexibility and balance will improve with time.

All in all I really like the program. My strength moods change, and right now this program really fits my needs. I will add in some extra weights on Thursdays with a friend at the gym, but I really felt a good total body workout from this program.


Megan said...

I wish I did more YOGA! I start, and then fail miserably. I make it about one and a half sessions. I think my friend and I might reserve a room at our fitness center...

Diane said...

I giggled just thinking about you guys giggling :). I might have to borrow that DVD. I WANT to do yoga but I think I need a class (read: someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong). And I expect I'll groan and moan more than Paul!

Jamie said...

I'm with you. I love when I have a regular yoga schedule, but that is pretty rare. Looking forward to hearing how the program goes to pick up some of the books tips!

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